Endless Universe

With endless universe your game becomes a never-ending story. As the player, camera, or other objects move, more obstacles, enemies, etc. will be spawned ahead, while objects long past are destroyed out of sight. Endless Universe is perfect for distance games and survival games.

Check it out at the Unity Asset Store or read the documentation to find out its features.

5 thoughts to “Endless Universe”

    1. Unfortunately, it does not save state, and I haven’t designed it to take a certain seed. In fact, when leaving an area and coming back it would look different. I might add the feature you mentioned in a future update, but for now it is mostly designed for things like distance games.

      1. owww, tnk you response, if you have some plans and date to do that, let me know….I’m very interested in that. tnk you again.

    1. Some things were lost when I transferred and updated the website. The instructions are back on the site, and I’m working to get the demos up again.

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